DIY Memory Cloth: Handstitch Favorite Party Memories

table tablecloth memory cloth
Photo from Livingetc.
This DIY Memory Cloth tablecloth, found on Livingetc, is a very cool craft idea for saving the memories of your favorite party.


To make your own Memory Cloth tablecloth, have the guests at your next party use a water-erase pen to scribble down a sweet note about the festivities on a sturdy tablecloth. Later, after the party's over, you may then handstitch over the notes with thread to preserve them on the cloth for a lifetime.

The Memory Cloth is such a meaningful keepsake idea for a variety of party types: weddings, decade birthday celebrations, retirement parties, and so on. Could make a cherished gift for the guest(s) of honor. I also love the idea of this tablecloth being used again and again and added to at subsequent years' festivities. After several years, one tablecloth could hold quite a number of memories.

See Livingetc for more tips on how to make your own Memory Cloth.

Have you ever seen or made a Memory Cloth?

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