5 Essential Home Craft Supplies

$11; Parcel + Paper
I'm somewhat new to home craft projects, that's true, but I learned rather quickly what's important in order to make sure you finish a project with your sanity in tact. Sure, a bandanna table runner seems harmless enough, but if you aren't prepared, it could wreak havoc on both your mind and your marriage.

So, here's my (admittedly amateurish) list of essential craft supplies.


1. A great pair of scissors. Yes, a sewing machine is important and a subscription to Martha Stewart Living couldn't hurt, but a solid pair of scissors can make a huge difference. I like these Gingher Craft Scissors ($21.99).

2. An organized and dedicated craft space. Set up a folding table in the (hopefully air-conditioned) garage, clear a corner in your bedroom, and refuse to let clutter seep into it. Regardless, if you have one set place where you can tackle home craft projects, the rest will seem easier.

3. A hot glue gun. I have a years-old glue gun and need to upgrade because there's nothing better (when crafting) than having an easy-to-use glue gun, and there's nothing worse than the opposite. I've been interested in this Cordless Self-Igniting Hot Melt Glue Gun ($34.59).

4. One great container to hold all your odds and ends. Now, this Elfa Organizer ($377.35) from The Container Store is probably out of most of our craft budgets, but it can still give you an idea of what to search for (on a smaller scale, no doubt).

5. A variety of different yarns, threads, and twines. I've found I need one of these things often, and it's also fairly inexpensive to stock up on different colors and styles. (I like Parcel + Paper.)

What are your must-have basic craft supplies?

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