Funny Pet Tweet of the Week: In One End, Out the Other

Funny Dog Tweet
Tweet by Loretta Eight
Remember that age-old excuse, "The dog ate my homework"? Well, Loretta Eight's recent and hilarious tweet has that beat.


Of course, my own dog has managed to eat several CDs, too many books to count, a lot of magazines and newspaper, and all four edges of a wooden coffee table. And don't even get me started on her short-lived fascination with eating her own feces. ICK.

Luckily, none of her escapades hurt anything more than my wallet (in replacement costs). And since I became a dog owner, I've heard crazy stories about dogs eating socks, towels, tampons, underwear, and even kitchen utensils. Plus any food items in sight. Kinda makes my dog look normal.

It's good to know I'm not alone in my dog-eats-crazy-stuff world. Thanks, Loretta Eight, for making me laugh out loud!

What's the craziest thing your dog ever ate?

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