Backyard Camping: Eco-Friendly Family Fun

Backyard Camping
Flickr photo by Jon Evans
June is Great Outdoors Month, and that, combined with the Great American Backyard Campout on June 26, makes this the perfect time of year to pitch a tent right outside your back door.

Growing up, my family used to go camping quite a bit. It was always fun (well, at least until I hit my teens, then not so much). But as an adult, I have to admit that my idea of roughing it involves more comfort than the average campout offers.

But backyard camping, well, that's another story.


Backyard camping is the best of both worlds -- you can sleep outside with your family, but enjoy the convenience of a flush toilet, shower, and kitchen just steps away. Even better, roughing it in your own backyard means your next summer vacation will have zero carbon footprint because you're not driving anywhere.

So grab your tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, and the kids and head to your own backyard for the Great American Backyard Campout.

Does your family ever camp out in your own backyard?

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