5 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Summer Guests

Pottery Barn; $24
Sure, your house may be summer ready, but is it ready for unexpected summer guests?

Okay, confession: My house is rarely in the kind of state that would make me giddy about unannounced guests. Regardless, there's no time like the present to get our houses in the kind of condition where a car full of family or friends won't send us into a panic.


All good plans start with a list, am I right? So, here's my list of a few things you can do to get your house in tip-top shape for summer guests.

1. Buy a spare set of (fancy!) sheets and keep them clean and ready to put on the guest bed if/when someone needs to sleep in it. (Here's a fantastic Egyptian cotton set that's on sale at Amazon.)

2. Keep some extra fluffy, clean towels in the bathroom or guest bath and take them out when your guests arrive. As a guest, there's nothing better than having freshly washed and extra soft towels to use when you're staying away from home.

3. Buy a great set of melamine plates for summer dining (I love these Talavera plates from Pottery Barn). If guests show up, you might have to serve something quick and easy on those plates, but at least they're durable enough for eating on the patio or lounging around the living room.

4. Create a clean and usable space in your yard for guests to hang out. Pick up those Adirondack chairs from JCPenney and add a table for afternoon cocktails. Whatever you do, make an outdoor space inviting for visitors. It's summer! You have to get outside at some point.

5. Have your house and property treated for pests. I live in Texas, so the mosquitoes and spiders and beetles and roaches are all thriving here in summer, and the last thing you want your guests to see are rogue ants or a spider in the shower. Find a company you're comfortable with and tackle those bugs!

I'd also suggest you keep a chilled bottle of wine or champagne in the fridge for toasting those unexpected guests.

So, what are your tips for having a house ready for summer guests?

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