6 Wall Clocks Under $20

Bed Bath & Beyond; $14.99
Wall clocks
are one of those necessary decor items we can occasionally overlook. Just the other day, in fact, I asked my husband the time and he looked aimlessly around and said, "huh, maybe we should get a wall clock."

You know what's better than your husband basically telling you to go shopping? Finding something you want for a bargain price.


So, here are a few wall clocks you may like as much as I do, and they're all under $20.

First row, l-r: Hometrends Tae Wall Clock ($15); Timekeeper Retro Wall Clock ($16.99); Pendulum Wall Clock ($17.99)

Second row: Black and Silver Round Wall Clock ($14.99); Green Wall Clock ($16.95); TAJMA Ikea Clock ($9.99)

Which wall clock above do you like best?

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