8 Father's Day Gifts to Score You Alone Time in the House

Jeanne Sager | Jun 7, 2010 Home & Garden

  • Bug Zapper Tennis Racket

    bug zapper tennis racket

    Photo from UnbeatableSale.com

    A toy tool that mixes the chance to play with something electronic with the power of killing annoying bugs and all while pretending to be a sports superstar has a thrill few guys can deny.

    Warning: Add alcohol and they will test this on themselves. Which, come to think of it, is entertainment value for Mom.

    Cost: $20 at UnbeatableSale.com

  • Grill Smoker Box With Wood Chips Set

    grill smoker box

    Photo from Brookstone

    If he fancies himself a grill master but he's stuck with propane, save yourself the cost of a second grill. A V-shaped box made to sit between the flame detector bars, this smoker box adds that smoking flavor that the propane grill is lacking.

    Added Mom benefit? Can you say a night off?

    Cost: $12.95 at Brookstone

  • 'Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids'

    Handy Dad book

    Photo from Chronicle Books

    Send the whole gang outside for a building extravaganza courtesy of Todd Davis, host of HGTV's Over Your Head.

    These are not your hastily crafted birdhouses. Think skate ramps, zip lines, and tire swings.

    Cost: $24.95 at Chronicle Books

  • LEGO Dynamo Torch


    Photo from Urban Outfitters

    Camping can be lonely if you don't have a friend along, but this guy has the benefit of lighting your way without talking so much he scares off the wildlife.

    Cost: $28 at Urban Outfitters

  • Horseshoes Game Set


    With four forged-steel horseshoes, it's the one game he has left that the kids can't co-opt (they're just too heavy).

    Cost: $99 at Restoration Hardware

  • Beer Holster

    beer holster

    Photo from Red Envelope

    No need to let that beer get hot on the side of the grill while he's flipping the steaks (or heaven forbid the dog knock it over if he puts it on the ground). Ready, aim, fire in the hole.

    Cost: $29.95 at Red Envelope

  • Zero-Gravity Lounge Chairs

    zero gravity chair

    Photo from Brookstone

    It doesn't matter how big and cushioned a lawn chair, you're still sitting -- which isn't terribly good for your body.

    So how do you make dad feel less guilty about lounging after a week of office sitting? With a chair that takes all the stress off your body. He might fall asleep out there. Which will give you how much more peace?

    Cost: $124.95 at Brookstone

  • His Own Lawn Boy

    kid on lawnmower

    Flickr photo by Tammra McCauley

    If Dad does the bulk of the yardwork, a day off on Father's Day will just put him that much further behind.

    So save your cash on gifts and give him a real day off -- hire his own lawn boy for the day.

    Cost: Whatever the neighborhood kid charges

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