Soap-Free Laundry? Check This Out

Photo by K. Emily Bond

Like any mom, I spend heaps of time doing laundry. It’s like a second job, particularly since my 16-month-old son has developed such an obsessive appetite for tomatoes in recent months. The juicier and messier, the better!

As such, we spend a lot of money on laundry detergent. I’ve never minded shelling out la pasta (the slang way of saying “cash” in España) for brands like Flor and Luzil. But during my last few stints in the checkout line of El Corte Ingles, where we typically buy our household necessities, I’ve been captivated by an infomercial on constant repeat, played on prominently placed television sets above the candy bars.


The Robby Wash is a soap-free laundry ball manufactured in France. Through a specially patented combination of physics and design that's way over my head, it promises to clean your clothes just as well -- if not better -- than your standard laundry soap. One ball lasts a year and costs a little less than 20 euros. And it’s good for the planet, too!

Those sound like mighty big guarantees for a little plastic ball. I must admit that I'm intrigued, but I can’t stand the idea of wasting money on a Euro gadget that I don’t fully understand. Here, take a look at this rather Simpsons-esque ad (mind you, it's in French) and tell me if you think the laundry ball is worth the investment.

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