Dry Erase Paint Leaves Chalkboard Paint in the Dust

dry erase paint
Photo from IdeaPaint
Chalkboard paint may be all the rage, but who wants chalk dust in their clean kitchen?

That's the beauty of dry erase paint from IdeaPaint -- all the room for dashing off notes to your kids and tracking your dinner plans, none of the dusty mess.


The idea -- no pun intended -- of a bunch of college friends brainstorming a business project who were running out of room to write out their ideas, it's based on the concept: why can't we just paint the walls and write all over them?

Why not?

Now available in 10 different colors, it comes in cute little boxes ($175 for 50 sq. feet of coverage) that include the sticks that stir up the paint that will stir your ideas.

Now the details: it only takes one coat to create the dry erase surface, and you can use it in the same places you'd use the chalkboard paint -- from your kids' room to the kitchen.

IdeaPaint is green too; it's formaldehyde-free and doesn't let off stinky noxious gases during the painting process. By reducing the need for traditional dry erase boards, they're also cutting down on energy usage AND landfill filling boards.

If you do want to get rid of it, just paint over it.

So what do you think -- geek's dream, imagination mover for the kids?

Or the first thing to leave chalkboard paint in the dust?

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