DIY Mosaic-Tiled Fireplace: How Hard Can It Be?

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
We have a free-standing fireplace in our house, and it's painted a nice, shiny white (you can see it in the picture to the left).

I'd like to spruce it up with a little color, but not just a simple coat of paint. Instead I'd like to tile it with mosaic pieces.


I've found the mosaic tiles I'd like to use at the Pieces of Me Mosaics Etsy shop (and for a really nice price, too), and I have a date with a Home Depot rep to talk caulk (which is something I never thought I'd type out).

I think I'll tile just the inside panel and not the whole front of the fireplace, but I'm curious if any Stir readers have tackled a similar project and would like to share their expertise. Anything you particularly recommend? Anything I should be made aware of before starting?

Have you ever tiled a fireplace?

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