5 Ways to Ready Your House for Summer

Flickr: Photo by Cuba Gallery
Summer is almost here (or feels like it's already here if you're in Texas and it's currently 95 degrees outside), and just like it's time to get ready for bathing suits and mosquitoes, it's also time to get your house ready for the summer heat. Similarly to how we organized our homes for spring, we're back to ready your homes for summer.


1. Check out and service your A/C unit. For many parts of the country, an A/C unit is a must in the summertime, but you have to be proactive to keep your unit in tip-top shape. Change your filter, check your coolant levels, and make sure the operating pressures and temperatures are at the right levels. If you want to enjoy summer and not suffer through it, a good-working A/C unit is essential.

2. Dust and clean your ceiling fans. They'll be getting lots of use this season, so make sure they're clean and working great.

3. Stock up on yard maintenance supplies. Fill your lawnmower and weed eater with gasoline and make sure you have all the sprays and tools and yard supplies on hand and dusted off. It's easier to dive into yard work if you have everything you need organized in your garage.

4. Dust! Allergies (at least mine) are horrible right now, and the easiest way to curb them in your own home is to rid your house of all dust and allergy irritants.

5. Check out your sprinkler system. Whether that system is a hose you manually water your yard with or an underground system, make sure everything is working and unclogged. This will keep your water bill down and your yard well taken care of.

It's summer! That means barbecues and fireworks and margaritas -- all of which are much more enjoyable if your house is well taken care of.

What are your tips for getting your home "summer ready"?

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