4 Simple Rules for Being Great Memorial Day House Guests

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Packing up your kids to spend this Memorial Day weekend visiting friends or family? Good for you! Not only will you save some money on hotels and meals, but nothing beats catching up with loved ones. With that said, remember there's an art to making sure you all remain "loved ones" after your trip is through.


If you are lucky enough this Memorial Day to stay with friends or family, keep the following four house guest golden rules in mind for you and your brood. (And, even if you're visiting folks that you are less than thrilled to stay with, obligation doesn't mean you should throw out good behavior. Remember, being a host is hard work...)

Follow these simple rules and maybe your family will earn a spot in the house guest hall of fame:

1. Arrive Bearing Gifts.

Even if it's just a box of cookies, flowers, or some toys for their children. Don't even think about showing up empty-handed.

2. Clean Up.

Your hosts are your hosts — not your housekeepers. Make sure that your kids pick up after themselves, even if they're not so committed to doing that at home.

3. Offer To Cook.

Even if your culinary skills pale in comparison to your host's, at least offer to help out around the kitchen. You may be turned down but you'll be appreciated.

4. Send A Thank You Note.

Don't forget this very important step. A nice touch is to have the kids sign it and write a little something to your host's children on it.

If you follow these guidelines you will definitely be on the invite-back-for-next-year list! (Whether you want to return is up to you....!)

Do you have any horror stories from when you were a host to some terrible house guests? 

Alexa von Tobel, is the founder and CEO of LearnVest,  a personal finance hub for women.


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