Dryer Ate Your Bra? 5 Laundry Tips That Will Keep Them Safe

bras in the dryer

I'm sick of finding a comfy bra ... only to have it eaten by the dryer.

It happened again last weekend -- and naturally it wasn't one of my quick Target grabs but the $50 Victoria's Secret splurge now slated for the garbage can.

So what's a lady to do: Give up on treats for the tatas? Or become a bra-savvy laundry queen?

If you're opting for number 2, here's how to make it happen:


1. Consider hand-washing. Keeping these delicate materials out of the washer and dryer can prolong their lives. Make sure you don't try to wring the water out of the bra after the wash -- especially if it's got foam padding. Blot with a towel if it's seriously soaked, then lay it flat to dry.

2. Opt for a laundry ball. We're digging the new Berry Ball from Berry Perry ($13.99). It's huge (they even make more than one size to accommodate different bra sizes), but that's because it also offers room for your pretty undies. The plastic of the ball protects your bra from being beat up in the wash or catching on the other clothes, but the vents allow the detergent -- and the water -- to get inside and do a real job of cleaning.

3. Close the clasps. One of the chief problems when washing your bra is those tiny hooks, which get caught on everything. Closing the clasps before you wash offers some protection -- which is better than none. 

4. Go half and half. The drying process is the most damaging to your delicates, so let the washing machine do its job, then go for air drying.

5. Laundry bags! I used these when my daughter's socks were still teeny tiny and could easily get lost, and they're perfect for all small things. They don't have near the protection of the laundry ball, but they take up significantly less room.

Have you had to rescue a mangled mess from your dryer?

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