Currently Coveting: Anthropologie End Table

Tight Rope End Table
Anthropologie; $168
I wrote about some budget nightstands recently, and I meant it when I said I desperately need some in my own bedroom. We have hand-me-down, wobbly tables right now that are horribly inadequate for the bedroom I'm striving for, which is not one made up of hand-me-down, wobbly things.


Then, I saw these Tightrope End Tables from Anthropologie that cost $168. Each. That price basically looks at my nightstand budget and laughs in its face.

But they're so pretty! And I love them!

I still won't own them pre-lottery winning, but I sure do like pulling up the web page and gazing at them. Wish lists were created for a reason: for expensive nightstands like this one.

What are you currently coveting?

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