Thrifting: The Beauty of Buying Secondhand

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Photo from From Me to You
Jamie of From Me to You recently captured these lovely photos (and many more), which remind me of all the reasons I love thrifting and buying secondhand.


Jamie writes about her recent trip to Junk in Brooklyn: "I love to come here & imagine the life the objects had seen & where they’ll go next."

I love thrifting for the same reasons, but I also love thrifting because I like digging around in my own history as well, figuring out who I am and where I came from. I just love uncovering things from my own past, things I have missed, things I forgot and really loved. I enjoy watching my tunnel vision for specific home items and styles and eras, which has been programmed over a lifetime, narrow in on specific finds -- and figuring out that my love of drop-leaf tables comes from the garage sale find of my mom's at which we ate many of my childhood meals, that my love of handmade afghans comes from my grandma making so many, that my love of red leather chair seats comes from the goodness remembered at my great aunt's ranch house.

Thrifting for me is the fond recollection of my own history and seeing it through the eyes of the woman I have become. It is, many days, the collecting of all my memories of "home" and making them my own.

selzer bottles
Photo from From Me to You
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Photo from From Me to You
If you're a thrift shopper at heart, why do you love it?

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