Good Steals from Anthropologie

There's still a little "woe is me" going on over here about the Anthropologie catalog lust. However, I think I have found two very good reasons to put an end to my Anthropologie guilt! Hooray!

Photo from Re-Nest


1. I got some Anthropologie gift cards for my birthday! Sweet guilt-free shopping!

2. Re-Nest gave me these four STEALS from Anthropologie—just their ideas, people—lifted right out of their in-store and eco-friendly styling. Check out the great steals: plastic utensil wall texture, lovely wall art from fabric scraps and book covers, pretty mismatched fabric-covered shelves, and a chandelier made out of burned out lightbulbs.

Guilt be gone. I love you, Anthropologie (and Re-Nest, you're not so bad yourself).

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