Green Cell Phone Co Puts Profits Toward Charities

Child on Cell Phone
Photo by Peajewel
I'm always on the lookout for an eco-friendly company, as well as a company that does good with its profits. When I find a two-fer, I'm all over it, which is exactly why CREDO Mobile recently caught my eye.

CREDO is a cell phone company that uses a portion of profits to support charitable giving, AND they use eco-friendly methods to run their business.


CREDO donates a portion of their charges to nonprofit organizations working for progressive change at no cost to members. They've raised over $65 million for nonprofit groups in five issue areas: civil rights, environment, peace & international freedom, economic & social justice, and voting rights & civic participation.

In every phone bill, members are also updated on hot-button issues and are given easy ways to speak out -- with a free call or a low-cost advocacy letter sent on their behalf. Every month, CREDO members generate over 80,000 calls and letters to Congress, the White House, and corporate leaders.

Those phone bills are printed with soy-based ink on all-recycled paper, and CREDO plants 100 trees for every ton of paper they use (enough to make another ton of paper). To date, the company has donated over $10 million to groups like Friends of the Earth, Vote Solar Initiative, ForestEthics, Greenpeace, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

CREDO also works with to offset the estimated lifetime electricity usage and shipping of all CREDO mobile phones, and they were the first phone company to offer solar-powered chargers. In addition, they make it easy to recycle old cell phones.

Granted, my cell phone use is minimal, as I work from home, but it's still nice to know I have a green, do-good cell phone provider option. Plus, with CREDO doing the work, I can donate to charities without actually spending an extra dime, allowing me to continue to donate to local charities when I can.

What good does your cell phone company do?

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