One Simple Family Command Center

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn
A family command center sounds like something that would include power cords and computer monitors, but not quite. When I saw this ingenious idea in Southern Living, all I could think was: Finally.


I've been racking my brain for one simple way to keep our entire family organized. We have a dry erase menu on the fridge, a wall calendar for activities on the kitchen wall, and a mail hub on the counter. That's a lot of different things in a lot of different places.

This idea condenses all of those places into one. And it's easy to put together, too! (It reminded me of Sheri's post about organizing piles of paperwork.)

The steps include: Measuring, installing, and adding finishing touches. That's it! You can easily include whatever you want, of course, but in the above photo there is: A magnetic board (top) for photos; magnetic round containers for storage on top of a magnetic letter holder; a large cork-board for a calendar (or menu) and invitations, to-do lists, etc; another magnetic board for artwork.

You can put everything on the side of a fridge, inside a pantry door, or a hidden panel. Hey, it's so organized, why not display it proudly?

I really love this idea, and it's practical, easy, and a problem-solver. (Kind of like wine.)

Do you have something similar to a family command center?

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