5 New Ways to Keep It Clean With Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil
Photo from Amazon
The most versatile cleaning supply in your arsenal isn't hiding under your sink -- it's in the storage drawer.

After all those years of using aluminum foil to wrap up your leftovers, how about putting it to good use around the house?


1. Paint with it. Wrap it around doorknobs for a tight fit when you're painting a door and wrap your roller tray in foil. Once the paint dries, remove the foil from the tray and throw it out, and the tray is ready to be reused.

2. Cook with it. Cover your cookie sheets before baking, and you'll save on dishes.

3. Do laundry with it. Roll a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball, and throw it into the dryer to help fluff up the clothes. You'll never buy dryer sheets again.

4. Remove bathroom gripper decals with it. I haven't tried this one yet, but there's a how-to at Apartment Therapy that makes a lot of sense: "Tear off a piece of aluminum foil that's larger than the stuck-on decal and place it on top, pressing it down firmly. Next, turn on your blow dryer (high heat) and aim it at the foil."

5. Clean chrome with it. Wrap a piece 'round your finger, and foil makes a great chrome buffer.

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