Coolest Herb Garden Markers: A Roundup

Monkeys Always Look Etsy shop; $22

We've started an herb garden at my house, and while my husband believes it's to cut down on the cost of fresh herbs, I'll confess it also has a little something to do with buying herb garden markers. Every single set I've seen is far too cute to resist.

Here's a quick roundup for you, in case you're as insane dedicated to cute things as I am and can also be motivated to garden if it means owning a cute marker set of your own.




First row, l-r: Terracotta Markers from ($13.95); Chalkboard plant markers from Bradens Grace Etsy shop ($9); Garden stakes from Bay Village Store ($8.95)

Second row: Custom copper herb markers from Make Thyme Etsy shop ($35); brass garden/spice stakes from Distinctive Decor ($42.99); Vintage silverware garden markers from Monkeys Always Look Etsy shop ($22)

Third row: Herb garden stakes from Artisan Hands Etsy shop ($20);  6-inch Aluminum markers from My Bellas Beads Etsy shop ($22); Cheeky garden stakes from Uncommon Goods ($12)

Do you have an herb garden?

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