How Cleaning Can Save Your Marriage


No Man Has Ever Been Shot While Doing Dishes
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At last, the secret to a happy marriage has been revealed.

And it's not hiding between the sheets.

It's in straightening them out. And emptying the wastepaper baskets.

And maybe pushing a vacuum cleaner around?



A new survey out of Britain's London School of Economics says the most successful marriages are the ones where husbands help clean the house.

And you thought that sign in your granny's kitchen was just a joke. How do you think they made it 50 years?

It's purely anecdotal, but I've watched my friends whose marriages have crumbled -- their husbands were most often the Archie Bunker type, willing to come home from work, plop on the couch and watch her wash the dishes, make dinner, throw in the laundry. . .

Not to toot our own horns (OK, maybe a little), but our household is the exact opposite. I'll throw a load of laundry in; he'll fold it. I'll scrub the toilet; he'll sponge down the tub.

A coincidence that we'll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this fall? I think not!

But then one of the reasons I married this man was because I knew he valued my time and my life as much as his own.

And the the benefit of two people pitching in on cleaning up a house over one? There's a lot more time to spend between the sheets.

Do you split the housework in your house?

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Carey... Carey2006

My husband does VERY WELL when it comes to helping with the housework!!!!

tonya... tonyalynn

i do all the housework, but if im sick or too tired my husband will help.

tazdvl tazdvl

I do most of it, he is getting better at helping.

Pnukey Pnukey

I do indoor, he does outdoor.

sodapple sodapple

i do most of it but he helps with the dishes =-D

ethan... ethans_momma06

Nooo... It's just me cleaning. On the other hand he is the one who is out making a paycheck.

momma... mommaofemma

i guess my husband rocks then!! He earns a paycheck and helps around the house :)puppy

coppe... copperswifey

I'm a stay at home mom right now so I do most of it. I think it's only fair if he's working. He will help out and do laundry or help clean if we're having people come over. :)

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