The Perfect Sewing Machine: DIY Essential

Amazon; $151.08
I bookmark DIY projects and research DIY projects and tear DIY project ideas out of magazines and while I'd love nothing more than to dive in and attempt them all, I don't exactly own a sewing machine, which -- you'll agree if you've done any DIY project yourself -- is rather essential.


A very good friend was nice enough to lend me her machine for some time, and I've tinkered around with it and sewed together a few random pieces of fabric (I'm obviously naturally crafty), but I'd like to find the model that's best for me.

So, I'd like to find a basic sewing machine that's still a good investment, so I can turn my house into one DIY project success story after another!

(My husband strangely doesn't see the decorative purposes of two pieces of fabric sewn together.)

I've found three models that I think I like, but I'd like your thoughts on the ones I've picked out or your suggestion on a different model I haven't included. My DIY project binder depends on you.

1. Brother CS60001 Free-Arm Sewing Machine ($151.08) Not only is this an almost too-good-to-be-true deal on Amazon, it also comes highly rated. I like cheap and well-recommended.

2. A friend recommend this Janome 11542 ($72.99). I'm a sucker for a personal recommendation.

3. The Kenmore Sewing Machine is another one that comes personally recommended, but it's a slightly heftier price tag ($174.99). I'm willing to invest if it's worth it, but I'd love to hear from a few sewing-savvy readers.

Which sewing machine do you use? And do you love it?

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