Forget Dyson: The Best Vacuum Cleaner

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The Dyson gets all the raves, but I have the best vacuum cleaner on the block.

It's green. It's cheap. It's thorough.

It's made me a better parent.

We call her Livvy.



It's true, I don't think I've cleaned up a kitchen spill in the seven years since we adopted our mutt.

Scratch that -- if it's sticky, I pull out the real cleaners.

If it's chocolate, raisin, anything that could make her seriously sick, I pull out the real cleaners.

But the days of messy baby flinging food were exceedingly simple in my house thanks to the quicker licker upper.

It didn't start out this way. The first time I found her, front paws on the counter, tail wagging, her tongue going to town on an after-dinner plate that didn't fit into the dishwasher, I gagged.

But you can't fight nature, folks, and did I mention how green it is to have a waterless pre-rinse before my dishes go in the (bacteria killing) hot bath of the dishwasher?

Fast forward to the first flung spoonful of peas on my dining room floor . . . and the decision that staying by the unsteady baby in high chair was probably a better parenting move than letting go to fight the canine's craving for mashed green veggies.

She sucks up messes faster than I could pull the real vacuum out of the closet; and at the end all I have to do is open the door and let her hit the yard. No cleaning out the "hygienic bin."

Before you call in PETA's dogs my messes are not her main food source; she has a bowl of healthy kibble at the ready all day long. And as of the last visit to the vet (a few weeks ago), her weight was considered healthy for her breed.

So the ball pivots on the Dyson.

Livvy's tail wags.

I'm not trading her in just yet.

Do you ever let your dog clean up the kids' messes?

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