Eco-Friendly Dog Toy Gives Back

Photo by Juliet Farmer (pictured $11.95)
Planet Dog's Glow for Good Ball is an eco-friendly dog toy made in the US from Planet Dog's recyclable Orbee-Tuff material. The ball features a smooth, round shape and 5 out of 5 chompers on Planet Dog's chew-o-meter scale (in other words, it's darn near impossible to chew up). In addition to glowing in the dark, it's also bouncy, buoyant, and mint-scented.

Are you ready to play ball with your pooch?


Sure, the Glow for Good ball may be pricier than, say, an old tennis ball, but its general awesomeness and do-gooderness far outweigh the price tag. My dog, who isn't much of a fetcher, still gives the Glow for Good Ball her lick of approval.

Planet Dog is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of the Glow for Good Ball to the Planet Dog Foundation, which provides grants to programs throughout the country that train, place, and support service dogs helping people in need. Planet Dog has set a goal to sell 20,000 of the Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Balls by the end of the year.

The fundraising campaign is taking place at retailers that sell Planet Dog products across the country, including the Planet Dog Company Store in Portland, Maine. Consumers can also purchase Glow for Good Balls online.  

In case you're still not convinced that this dog ball is a great deal, if you buy a Glow for Good Ball before May 31, you also get a free Black Recycle Ball! (Both have been tested and approved by my own dog, who has one of each and loves them.)

Does your dog have a favorite fetch toy?

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