Easy Craft Project for Your Office: Keyboard Wrist Rest

Photo from Updates From the Copper State
A keyboard wrist rest almost seems like a necessity these days since so many of us are online for work, for pleasure, for shopping, for everything. If you're going to rest your wrists, why not rest them on something pretty?

That's what I thought when I saw this keyboard wrist rest on the blog Updates From the Copper State.


Sure, you can just pick one up at an office supply store, but if you have a little time, why not personalize something you'll be using so often?

What I loved most about this project was that Amy made the wrist rest with things she already had on hand. Not a penny spent.

She used fabric, thread, and rice. That's it!

If you have a little time and the same things lying around your house, whip one of these up. (How about you whip up two, one for you and one for me?)

Tell me about your favorite craft project idea of the week!

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