Decorate With Recycled Bike Parts

Recycled Bike Chain Photo Frame
Photo from Resource Revival (Picture frame, $37.95)
Where some people see bicycles as nothing more than eco-friendly modes of transportation and/or a great form of exercise (or torture!), there are those who see bikes as a collection of parts that can be used in home decorating.

Resource Revival has an eye for the beauty of bicycles and takes old bike parts and turns them into fun ways to decorate a home.


The company is assisted by bike shops all over the US, which send Resource Revival greasy, used bicycle parts that are then transformed by a team of artists into functional items for the home.


Recycled Bike Chain Bowl
Photo from Resource Revival (Bowl, $88)

Recycled bike chain is transformed into a bowl catchall for all those items you carry in your pockets. It's the perfect organization idea for an entryway or hallway table, dining room table centerpiece, living room coffee table, kitchen counter, or even bedside table.

Recycled Bike Parts Clock
Photo from Resource Revival (Clock, $88)

Keep time with a cool clock that has a recycled bicycle chain-ring face suspended by a section of recycled bicycle wheel rim, as well as a fun swinging pendulum made from a recycled bicycle cog and chain section.

Thanks to Resource Revival's Graham Bergh and Jim Hassert, old bike parts no longer have to be discarded. Instead, they can be transformed into hip, modern, eco-friendly art that puts the "fun" in functional.

Great gifts for celebrating Bike Month or for your favorite bike-loving Dad on Father's Day.


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