A More Manly Clutter Buster: The Leather Catchall

Red Envelope; $24.95
Clutter is taking over my husband's nightstand. Now, I won't point the finger at him for the mess except, well, it's his stuff and his nightstand. So, you can point the finger if you feel like it.

Anyway, never mind who's to blame, I have the solution to tame the clutter! Just in time for Father's Day too.


If your husband or boyfriend or partner is a slob in one particular area of the house -- nightstands, kitchen counters, entryways -- consider a catchall.

Catchalls have become more than just a nice clutter-buster item; they're really decorative these days. I especially like this leather catchall from Red Envelope, one of my favorite gift stores. You can personalize the bottom with the initials of the (messy) man in your life for the pretty great price of $24.95.

If you can't quite squeeze an alarm clock onto your nightstand because of the receipts, keys, wallets, contact cases, and other odds and ends that have piled up, consider getting a catchall.

A great gift and an attractive problem-solver all in one.

What's your husband's "messy" area at home?

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