DIY Headboards: 5 Creative & Cool Ideas

Photo from Country Living
Beds are shockingly expensive, but thankfully, with a little DIY creativity, you can create a non-traditional headboard with lots of bang for your buck.

1. I'm constantly drawn to bedrooms that use hanging picture frames in place of a conventional headboard (like the bedroom to the left from Country Living). You can hang family photos or prints or landscape pictures, and instead of a headboard, your pictures are the focal point of the room.


2. My husband's family clued me in to using a wrought-iron door above a bed (or couch) as a decorative piece. Similar to this door-turned-headboard that Sheri spotlighted last year.

3. Chalkboard headboards! Chalkboards are super-trendy right now, and incorporating one into your bedroom (either by using an already framed one or creating one with chalkboard spray paint) is pretty fun. Think of all the messages you can leave your husband while he's sleeping.

4. Old shutters can be repurposed, who knew? I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this shutter headboard idea shown on the blog My Sweet Savannah.

Photo from My Sweet Savannah
5. Reusing old tin ceiling tiles as a headboard is about as creative as it gets. It's a pop of shiny color and a reuse for something you may already have on hand. Win-win!

Do you have a creative headboard idea? Share it!

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