No-Sew Flowers Make Your House Perfect for Spring

Photo from Made
Fresh flowers are lovely but, as you probably know too well, they have a tendency to wilt, die, and shed their petals all over the place.

If you want to display pretty flowers in your home without the fuss, the blog Made has the craft project for you.


Here's a perfect project for using up all those leftover swatches of your favorite fabrics. These flowers are not only handmade -- so you don't have to deal with the messiness of fresh-cut ones -- but there's no sewing at all involved, so the time and effort it takes to make them is, thankfully, minimal.

To make these, you only need: The fabric of your choice, inexpensive wooden dowels (pick them up at any craft store), a hot glue gun, a sponge, and the spray paint color of your choice. That's a refreshingly easy list!

The steps are simple and Made walks you through each one. In no time, you can have display-worthy flowers that don't irritate your wallet, your sinuses, or your schedule.

I love crafts like this.

What are your favorite no-fuss crafts for spring?

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