Charitable Giving, Green Living With "The Power of Half"

Photo by Juliet Farmer
When the average person puts their money where their mouth is, it's great. When a whole family does it, it's amazing. The Salwens are just such a family, having coined The Power of Half, donated a lot of money to a charity, and embraced what it means to live green -- all at the urging of 14-year-old Hannah Salwen.

Simply reading Kevin and Hannah Salwen's The Power of Half: One Family's Decisions to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back gave me pause to evaluate whether my household is functioning within its means and needs, versus wants. (I definitely see a swap party in my future.)

Are you living within your needs, or wants?


I'm just as guilty as the next gal of buying yet another cute pair of shoes that I don't really need.

Beyond that, my husband and I have started having frank discussions about our 10-year green downsizing plan, which involves moving downtown (maybe here, maybe Portland, maybe ???), cutting square footage, and becoming a one-car family.

Until then, I'll be looking for ways to give my time and talents to those in need. Because, as the Salwens point out, everyone has something to give -- be it dollars, time, or talent.

Do you have a green plan for your family's future?

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