How To Cheer Up a Depressing Bathroom

shower curtain
Dwell Studio; Target
My bathroom is sad. It's small. Really small.

So small that I have a dresser outside the bathroom to hold all the things the bathroom should have in it but cannot fit because it's so darn small.

There are two things that are a must for my super small bathroom in order for it not to be so depressing -- a super vibrant shower curtain and a super soft, foot loving bath mat.


I currently have the fantastically pretty Dwell Studio for Target Robin Shower Curtain ($24.99) and the MicroDry Ultimate Luxury Bath Mat ($19.99) from Bed, Bath & Beyond (MicroDry sent me one). Hello memory foam -- so soft on the feet. Everyone who comes over comments on how pillowy it is.

MicroDry; Bed, Bath & Beyond
Someday, maybe, I'll have a bigger bathroom. But for now, anything bright, cheery, pillowy, and fun can help me forget how small it is.

How do you cheer up spots in your house that you don't love?

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