8 Ways to Organize Your House for Spring

Flickr photo by Jaymiek
Spring is here for another month or so -- even though it was 90 degrees in Texas this week -- and I feel like I still have time to tackle spring cleaning as long as the calendar doesn't say June 21.

I recently found this list of five ways to welcome spring into your house on Organized Home, and it both inspired me to finally get my butt in gear around my own house and add a few of my items to this great list.


Atop Organized Home's spring-cleaning and organization list, here are three more ideas:

  • Organized Home's list included "clean the fridge," but I'd take it one step further: Clean and organize all the kitchen cupboards and also the pantry. There's just something about a really clean, well-organized kitchen.
  • Clean the floors! We have hardwood floors throughout our house, and the amount of dust and grime that collects on top of them is amazing (and gross). Make 'em shine!
  • Get out in the yard and make a spring-worthy space. Weed, plant flowers, add outdoor seating, wash off that picnic table. If you have a welcoming outside space, you'll enjoy the season more.

What are your spring-cleaning and organization tips?

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