Cutest Throw Pillows I've Ever Seen

dedeetsyshop; $34
The throw pillows on our couches right now came with the couches, and that's not creative at all. But what is creative (and fun!) is every single throw pillow in the dedeetsyshop.

These adorable, handmade throw pillows are perfect for an office chair, a day bed, or even a nursery. I envision buying them for the guest room I'll one day redecorate.


Dedeetsyshop offers a ton of different pillow styles and colors. Some feminine and pastel ones and some bright and funky ones. They even remind me of the pillows Suzanne wrote about last year.

I especially love this pink rose pillow:

Dede Etsy Shop; $26
Take a peek at this shop. You won't be disappointed.

How about you -- Etsy shop you've been loving lately?

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