Give the Mother’s Day Gift of Helping an Animal in Need

Photo from Farm Sanctuary
If your Mom is an animal lover (and really, who isn't?), Farm Sanctuary has a great way to pay tribute to her this Mother's Day and help save an animal.

At Farm Sanctuary, the nation's leading farm animal protection organization, you can sponsor one of the rescued animals that reside at the sanctuaries as a gift for a special mother in your life and read about the animals at the Farm at the "Sanctuary Tails" blog.


Each unique sponsorship package includes a personalized adoption certificate and beautiful color photo that make the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Animals available for "adoption" include Blossom, a pig who was just a baby when she was separated from her mom and found wandering all alone; Debra, a goat who faced an uncertain future until she was rescued along with her two kids; Cupid, a calf who was torn from his mother minutes after birth and loaded onto a truck bound for slaughter; Katrine, a sheep who was severely neglected and arrived at Farm Sanctuary just in time to welcome her new baby into the world; Goodwin, a baby goat who was lost in New York City until rescuers brought him to safety; and June, a mother hen who, along with her chicks, was destined to suffer at the hands of cock fighters before they were saved and brought to sanctuary.

The animal residents at Farm Sanctuary's shelters, located in in Watkins Glen, New York, and Orland, California, depend on adoptive "parents" to provide them with healthy food, a safe habitat, individualized attention, and veterinary care.

Will you be supporting an animal cause this Mother's Day?

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