Clean Up the Art Box and Help Schools

Photo from National Crayon Recycle Program
Cleaning the itsy bits of broken crayons out of the bottom of my daughter's craft box always makes the mountain of art supplies seem more manageable.

But if you're not crafty enough to melt them down into new crayons -- or simply don't have the time -- what do you do with them all?

Ahem, ever heard of the National Crayon Recycle Program?

Now you have!


I love this for a host of reasons, but number one is that it actually helps out school districts.

Number two -- you don't have to tear the paper off of those darn things! The program takes all crayons (although they discard those made in China with toxic nasties), and they melt them down to create those cute crayon shapes you don't have the energy to make yourself.

Then they sell them -- offering deals to schools to run fundraisers (so for once you can buy something your kid will actually USE) or just to the average Mom and Dad.

The National Crayon Recycle Program keeps them out of the landfill and cleans up your craft box.

Do you trash the crayon bits or recycle them?

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