Bath Toy Organizers: Stop the Bathroom Takeover

Jennie Canzoneri

Organize It; $8.99
Bath toys are a problem in our house, and that's definitely something I never thought I'd type. See, when you combine a small bathroom with a toddler who loves his baths and especially loves his bath toys, you get serious clutter.

Finding something that's pleasing to the eye to contain all those primary-colored bath toys in a nonprimary-colored bathroom is no longer impossible. I've found some great solutions.

I really like this inexpensive wire toy bin ($8.99) from Organize It, which is easy to stick to your bathroom walls and will contain all the rubber duckies you own.

Then there's this pretty bath bag ($10.50) from Red Kettle (below) that can hang from a faucet or knob. Another one I found that suctions to bath walls is this orange toy organizer ($19.16) on Amazon.

Etsy; $10.50
If bath toys are taking over your life bathroom, you can get organized with the quick purchase of any one of these items.

How do you organize bath toys?

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