Haggling at the Yard Sale: Act Like a Parent

Flickr photo by besighyawn
It's yard sale season!

They're the best place to find cheap decor, but I'm the first to admit I'm a wuss.

I don't haggle. I just bite my tongue and either buy it for that price or don't bother.



Which sort of defeats the point of going there for cheapies, right?

Get Rich Slowly has a great breakdown on negotiating, and I swear some of these were pulled from parenting. Take a gander:

1. Play dumb. Because what kid isn't just dying to tell on themselves?

2. Silence. You just wait for them to talk too much, and you've got them.

3. Detachment. Not far off of the other two, this works especially well when you're leaving somewhere and they don't want to come.

Do you haggle? What are your best tips?

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