Tiny Seattle Home Offers Big Inspiration

Photo by Ira Lippke
Small, stylish homes always inspire me more than big, lavish ones.

Working with a small space forces creativity and organization, and this incredible (and tiny!) Seattle garage-turned-house The New York Times recently featured is about as organized and creative as a small home gets.


Michelle de la Vega, the home owner, rented out the main house on the property a few years ago to bring in a steady income, but instead of letting the necessary move from the house to the 250-square-foot garage get her down, she let it inspire her.

Every inch of the converted garage is put to great use, and the entire renovation cost $32,000, which actually seems like a bargain when you see what Michelle was able to do with the space.

Even though my house is at least 1,000 square feet bigger than her garage house, I've still bookmarked this fantastic article for design and style inspiration.

Take a look at the rest of the pictures and the full article. So cool!

Do small spaces inspire or stifle you?

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