Domestic Transformer Home: 344 Square Feet, 24 Rooms

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Architect Gary Chang created an innovative sliding wall system to make 24 room options in his tiny Hong Kong apartment. This is so awesome, found via my friend Adriana.

Most impressive (other than 24 room options in 344 square feet!): All the eco-friendly attributes, the golden-tinted windows that add warmth (and happiness), and mirrored ceilings that make the room look larger and increase the light value in the the room.

What a genius, small-space inspiration!

If you could have moving walls and flexible room options, could you live like this? Or is this only a single person's dream?

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Carey... Carey2006

NOPE....I still could not do it even if I was single.....I'm starting to feel Claustrophobia just thinking about it/344 sq ft!!!!! (Amazing 24 rooms!)

maine... mainemusicmaker

I personally couldn't couldn't handle only 344 sq ft, however I'm in absolute awe over this guys smarts!  This is terrific!

Awake... Awakened1

I couldn't do it but working with what he has, that is really impressive.

frysh... fryshannon34

I would try it out amzing what he did!

Min Liu


nonmember avatar Rosacea

The only thing I wouldn't like is, when I've made my dinner and I've "put the kitchen away" and sat down to watch TV, realizing that I forgot my drink in the fridge.

Jon Red

I'm down, except for the tinted windows. I would not want my home bathed in that horrible yellow light all the time... gross.

nonmember avatar jenn

this sounds like a great idea, but at the same time seems a little bit uncomfortable if you're going to have any more than 1 person in the house. what if you have guests over and you want to get breakfast ready for them, do you basically have to fold them up in the wall before you can start in the kitchen?? great idea...i think this is totally livable. but i'd hate to share it!

DomsM... DomsMama07

Ive seen ths and there is no way I could do it!

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