Best Cleaning Rags Ever

Flickr photo by Todd Baker << technowannabe
The search for the world's best cleaning rags is over.

Hint: It's not in the cleaning aisle.

It's in the baby aisle.

Any guesses?


If you said cloth diapers, you get a prize (although I don't know you, so if you'd do me the favor of giving it to yourself ... maybe a nice chocolate bar? ... I'd appreciate it).

To be honest, we never cloth-diapered, but we did stock up on these babies in bulk when I was pregnant because I'd heard they make the most marvelous spit rags. And now that my daughter's well past the spits-up-every-five-seconds stage (yes, we had an acid reflux issue back then), cloth diapers have become another one of my home-cleaning must-haves.


1. They're green. No more paper towels to be thrown out; plus, they're an item being repurposed for a second life.

2. They're super-absorbent. Made to hold baby urine, they're just as adept at soaking up cleaning fluids and spills.

3. They're soft on surfaces and my hands. Made for baby's bottom, they work on any surface in the house.

4. They stand up forever. Wash after wash after wash, they're still going strong.

Do you use rags?

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