Displaying Art Without Frames

Photo by Elizabeth
Hanging art doesn't have to include picture frames -- although this was news to me until Elizabeth (my main writing and crafting inspiration) posted a how-to at Style Lush.


If you have a series of prints you want to display but don't have the budget for all the frames those prints would require, Elizabeth offers a great solution: Twine and clothespins. That's it!

Elizabeth used pictures from an old calendar, but plenty of Etsy shops sell sets (I love this photography set), or you can use any prints or photos you have at home. You can pick up twine at any craft or hardware store, but I love pretty bakers twine like this red and white spool from Etsy. Clothespins can be found anywhere too (even the grocery store!), but I have a preference for the mini version, like these from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Nail the twine into your blank wall and then clip your art to the twine. It's as simple as that, but it couldn't look more lovely.

How have you displayed art without frames?

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