Amazing Kitchen Makeover: Yes, Paint the Wood Cabinets

BEFORE: Photo from The Lettered Cottage
If you're contemplating painting your wood kitchen (or bathroom) cabinets, here's an example of why you should run, don't walk, and fire up your paintbrush now.


Came across this great post, Easy, Affordable Ways to Add Character to a Newly-Built Home, on The Lettered Cottage. Some really lovely tips for adding charm and personality to the boring and new home.

In the post, though, Layla shows off photos of their own kitchen makeover, and wow! If ever there was a reason to paint over wood, this kitchen is it! The new look is so much brighter and more cohesive -- even with the mismatched gray and white cabinetry. Love it!

AFTER: Photo from The Lettered Cottage
What do you think of this kitchen makeover? Are you contemplating or have you ever painted over wooden cabinets?

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