Affordable, Low-Investment Headboards

graphic headboard
Blik; $40
Want a headboard with design oomph but can't commit to sizable furniture or its price tag? Consider a graphic headboard by Mina Javid for Blik.


Mina Javid's headboards for Blik come in a bunch of great colors and can be used in a kid's room (twin) or an adult's room (queen or king). Plus, these headboards are self-adhesive and removable. Perfect for renters, commitment-phobes, or change-o-holics.

Graphic headboards shown above:

Nico Headboard (in 9 colors); $40

Shown below:

Nessa Headboard (in 8 colors); $40

Olivia Headboard (in 6 colors); $40

Wrought Iron Headboard (in 9 colors); $40

Nessa Headboard; $40

Olivia Headboard; $40

Wrought Iron Headboard; $40
Check out Blik's FAQs and "how-to" installation videos to see if Mina's graphic headboards are right for your bedroom.

Mina Javid is an interior designer and architect based in LA.

Could you use a graphic headboard in a bedroom in your home?

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