DIY Dry-Erase Calendar & Organizer

Photo from Bright and Blithe
A dry-erase organizer is a fantastic (and cheap!) way to constantly keep an eye on your to-do list and the schedule of everything you have to remember within a day, a week, or a month.

I got the idea for this organizational must-have from Bright and Blithe. Since it was such a simple DIY project (my favorite kind) and encourages organization and making lists (a few more of my favorite things), I made my own.


You can use this idea for whatever best suits you: Menus, to-do lists, grocery lists, birthday reminders. Sky's the limit! Simply print out your templates. (I like this downloadable calendar template from Calendar Labs for my menus and monthly to-dos; here's a grocery list template from Mom Ready.)

Then, slip your printed-out sheet into an 8.5" x 11" magnetic photo frame (here's a really cheap Freeze Frame set from Amazon) and then display on your fridge!

Combine it with a set of fine-point dry-erase markers ($10.99 at Office Depot), and you're all set.

Just last week, I completely forgot about a doctor's appointment. My kid was sick (as he usually is), work was crazy, and things were just, well, the way things are. Having a calendar to look at each morning without fail doesn't help my memory, but it sure does help my life.

Hopefully this idea can help you too.

How do you organize your household schedule and to-do list every month?

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