Chores Make Kids Money Smart

Flickr photo by Steve Snodgrass
Raising a money-smart kid just got easier -- put 'em to work.

You don't even have to pay them!

A new survey from Charles Schwab ties household chores to financial savvy for kids, with 53% of kids now in their 20s who did chores as tots saying their children are "very financially responsible."


Huzzah! No wonder I'm a tightwad financially responsible adult -- I was the cleaner-upper, throw laundry in the wash and fold it, pot-scrubber kind of kid.

The parents who didn't make their kids do chores also largely admitted they probably weren't the best financial role models to their kids -- and considering how much money these sandwich generation Moms and Dads are kicking in to maintain their young adult children's lifestyles, they just set themselves up for problems.

I've already admitted my kid has to clean up her toys and put her dishes in the sink and her dirty clothes in the hamper -- now I can use this as fodder in 20 years when she says I made her work too hard.

Do you worry about your kids' money smarts?

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