You Deserve a Better Shower Caddy

bamboo shower caddy shower caddy  bamboo shower hanger

I realized something very important today. That I'm good enough and strong enough, and I deserve a better shower caddy.


The shower caddy in our bathroom is white (well, it was originally white), covered in soap scum, and I think I got it at the grocery store about nine years ago. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the shower, look in the mirror, and tell yourself, "I'm worthy of a pretty shower caddy."

Here are six shower caddy options I rather like!

shower caddy  bamboo shower hanger

teak shower caddycopper brass shower caddy

bamboo shower caddywire utility hanger  

Shower caddies, as shown above:

Shower Caddy ($18) at UO

Umbra Bamboo Shower Caddy ($39.99) at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Teak Shower Caddy ($69.99) at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Modern Nottingham Brass Hanging Shower Caddy ($34.95) at Signature Hardware

Bamboo Adjustable Shower Caddy ($49.99) at simplehuman 

Wire Utility Hanger ($59) at Pottery Barn

What's the state of your shower caddy?

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