Clean Bookshelves Without the Work

Bookshelf painting; Jane Mount
Cleaning out my bookshelves is an all-day chore -- which is why the Ideal Bookshelf project is giving me all sorts of devious ideas. 

Design*Sponge featured these paintings of bibliophiles' consummate collections -- turning the typical wall covering into bona fide art.

So how is this a cleaner's dream?


Take the always falling over, dust-collecting tomes and plant them in boxes in an out-of-sight place, then put these up in their place.

Make sure each box is numbered to match the paintings, and finding your favorites will be a snap.

Just think -- I'll never have to pull out a rag again!

Of course this leaves no space for growing your collection, and since I can't imagine skipping a library book sale (20 hardbacks for $17, anyone?), I suppose Jordan Ferney's bookshelf design is more my speed.

If only my clutter looked as cool as that.

Are your bookshelves a hopeless mess?

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