Mom-Made Spoon Art: An Interview With Daisy Chestnut

Meet Jen Matlack of Daisy Chestnut, a creative mom from Bethel, Connecticut, who makes and sells embellished spoons.

We've got a serious Etsy habit going on here at The Stir, but while we're drooling, moms like Jen are finding time to make some seriously cute crafts. We track down one mom every week to give you a look at what it means to buy Mom-Made.


Tell us the story behind Daisy Chestnut:

After my daughter was born, I became consumed with the cuteness of onesies and cloth training pants. I began dyeing and embellishing them with flowers and vintage floral hankies. I sold a few, and then eventually I lost interest ... then I had the idea to embellish old silverware.

I'm a gardener -- I LOVE THE DIRT! -- so this idea suited me. Monkeysalwayslook, a very cool and creative woman on Etsy, was already doing this -- stamping silverware to use as markers -- so I made the idea my own by adding my illustrations on spoons, knives, forks.

The idea took off! My spoons were recently featured in This Old House and Fine Gardening magazine. WOO! I have so much fun making them. Drawing is meditative for me, and I absolutely love old silverware: It is gorgeous! I was recently a featured seller on Etsy too, which was exciting and validating: People actually like my stuff! Go figure.

How many children do you have?

One, a daughter named Mae, who is 4 (and my joy)! By far, she is the BEST thing I've ever made!

How much time do you spend crafting every week?

I spend anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a week, depending on if I have orders to fill and if I've been hit with a wave of inspiration!

How do you make the time to craft while being a parent?

I usually work at night, after Mae is in her room for bed. My husband and I eat dinner -- most times in front of the TV -- then after I put the dishes in the dishwasher, I set up shop at the island in our kitchen.

Photo from Jen Matlack
On the weekends, I set Mae up with craft projects in the kitchen -- glitter glue, stamping, painting -- and while she makes her art, I make mine too!

Do you have your own craft room or do you share space with your kids?

I have my own room -- thank God! I'm a writer so I have a space dedicated to my desk, papers, various projects, and my child mannequin, which creeps my husband out. I do my packing in this room, but I rarely draw here because the lighting is awful. I need to install some task lighting!

What are your favorite craft blogs and/or shops?

Honestly, I don't have any! I very rarely browse other people's stuff. Maybe that's bad or maybe it's good -- I'm not sure!


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