Decorative Flower Pots From Wolfie and the Sneak

Photo from Wolfie and the Sneak
Decorating flower pots is my kind of craft: They're simple, they're lovely, and they make gardening fun. And very few things make gardening fun for me, so I take what I can get.

I've wanted to decorate a few pots for a while, and stumbling upon this post called "A Tale of Two Pots" via the blog Modish re-inspired me.


The talent behind this craft is Renee with Wolfie and the Sneak.

Renee offers a great tip to get started on decorating pots with puff paint or gel pens (what she used in this case): Spray the inside and outside of your pot with clear varnish (2 to 3 coats).

After the varnish is dry, take your puff paint or gel pen and draw all over your pots. The more details, the better, Renee says! Love her pretty doily design.

Let everything dry before covering it with another coat of varnish.

Then display those pots anywhere you'd like. I'm planning to put mine right above my kitchen sink!

What's your flower pot-decorating technique?

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