Chuckles 2009: The Calendar for Every Dog Lover

Get your Chuckles 2009 calendar ala dooce and support the The Humane Society of Utah...yes, of Utah...


You read Heather Armstrong's blog dooce, right? Well, if not, then you're missing one of the most enjoyable and witty reads on the blogosphere. Heather covers it all from politics and depression to photography and home decor, as well as a good dose of motherhood and marital bliss (she and husband Jon's exchanges usually leave me in stitches).

And more than all that, if you're not reading dooce, then you're missing out on Chuck, her super-special dog, who makes a regular appearance on Heather's blog in the "Daily Chuck."

Every year, Chuck also makes an appearance in his very own calendar.

+++ Do you dress your dog up in clothes? What's that about anyway?

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